Feb 23, 2012

How We Did It

The great thing about my customers is that they are full of wonderful ideas! I can never imagine what great cake request is waiting for me around the corner. So I was really excited when we were asked to make a horse cake for a birthday party recently. My client's only request was that the horse be a Palomino and we were free to add grass and lots of girly flowers. 

These types of custom made cakes take a lot of planning. So I always start with a picture of the desired shape. Sometimes I get lucky and find one just how I want it. Other times, I have to draw them from scratch. For the Palomino, I got lucky. This is the original picture I used, along with my calculated dimensions:

As you can see, I'm pretty specific when it comes to dimensions. But this only establishes my base and tells me the sizes of cakes that I need to cut. Once they're cut, I stack and fill them with the client's desired filling:

I know it doesn't much look like it, but that's a horse! All I have to do is carve and ice it into this:

As you can see, I did not attempt to make his head out of cake. I like to think we do some amazing things with cake at Buckhead Bakehouse, but defying gravity is one thing we haven't mastered yet.

The last phase is to simply cover it with fondant and add all the great details that bring the horse to life. And ta-da, our final product:

Feb 9, 2012

Tasting Tips

We're continuing on with our tasting tips to help you get the most from your cake tasting experiences.

#2 Know Your Budget
Before heading into the tasting, decide how much you’re willing to spend. I suggest doing some research and getting basic quotes from the bakers so you know what to expect. Their cakes may be wonderful, but if you’re not in the same ballpark with the price, you might be in for a let-down.  If you want to go with a baker whose price range isn’t in line with yours, find out if they can work with your budget. Many bakers can cut your price by utilizing fake tiers and having sheet cakes that can be served from the back.

#3 Visit Multiple Vendors
Even if you think the first cake vendor is the best, go out and visit others. You will be able to compare flavors, styles, prices and maybe learn things from another baker that you hadn’t thought about. You can then write up a pros and cons sheet that really puts things in perspective. 

Keep checking our site for upcoming tasting Tips. Feel free to comment if you have any experiences or advice to share of your own. Happy Cake Tasting!

Feb 3, 2012

Tasting Tips

With all the decisions that need to be made for a wedding, cakes are sometimes the last thing on the bride’s mind. But your wedding cake can be a centerpiece for your event and it is certainly something all of your guests will be looking for. In order to make sure your centerpiece is memorable, you need to find the right cake baker. And finding the right baker means tasting, tasting, tasting! We'll be posting our tasting tips every week to help you get the most out of your cake tastings.

#1 Know Your Style
Your wedding is no doubt going to reflect your personal style, so make sure your cake matches. Spend some time looking at pictures and saving certain things that you like. The baker you chose should be able to help design your cake, and should also have many pictures of past cakes that you can pull ideas from. By knowing your style, you'll get the most accurate information from the baker and hopefully find the perfect match for your wedding.





Nov 10, 2011

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